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Family farm has for you “Farm Fit” where you can join me!!! 

Paty Renda is a Brazilian journalist as well as a certified Aananda Yoga Teacher and Vedic Thai Bodywork practitioner. A journalist and writer in São Paulo, she received her first training as a Yoga Fitness instructor and Nutrition consultant in 2004, in Florida. A few years later, she got certified by Aananda School of Yoga where she studied under Surendran Pandaran and other amazing South Florida teachers. Besides being an Aananda Yoga Teacher and Trainer, she also learned Baby Om Yoga, Kids Yoga, Seniors Yoga, Vedic Thai Yoga Bodywork and Yoga Nidra meditation. Her wish is to make yoga playful, relaxing and appealing to every person in the world. Paty’s latest creation is Masala Healing Arts, a brand new organization that focuses on enhancing people’s lives through fun sharing of knowledge and tools for a better living. As a dancer, she created Liquid Yoga (Belly Dancing Yoga Class), a combination of dance movements, yoga asanas and meditation that improves self love and offers empowerment within a loving and playful environment for women of all ages and bodies. Paty is also a trainer at the Aananda School of Yoga, where she shares her passion for yoga and her knowledge of all yoga aspects. As a teacher, student and trainer, she hopes to create profound connections that will transform people’s lives.

Every Last Saturday of the Month 

From 11 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.


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