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Come join us for an experience that will last a lifetime!  One of our core values is farm education, which is why we are happy to offer field trips and events for schools and families. You can give your students an opportunity to enjoy a “hands on” experience that they will never forget.


The day will begin with farm education about the animals while feeding them. They will not only learn compassion and care of the animals, but will also be able to identify the many animals we have on the farm which include but are not limited to goats, cows, ponies, bunnies, chicks, tortoises, pigs, sheep, and chickens


Our experienced staff will guide students around the farm while keeping in consideration their age and educational level, so that they receive the most memorable experience.


As we tour the farm the students will learn the many ways that agriculture is part of their lives. Students will continue their "hands on" experience while enjoying a hayride that will take them for a tour around the entire farm while stopping to feed the cows. Pony rides are also available for students 75 Lbs and below.


Family Farms offers an abundance of seasonal events. Book your field trip Oct - April and allow your students to learn everything there is to know about strawberries and how they grow while picking their own strawberries. Field trips in May will be able to enjoy our beautiful sunflower fields.

$15/Child w/o Lunch

$20/Child with Lunch


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